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The Art of Manufacturing podcast gives a behind-the-scenes look at how inspiring entrepreneurs who make stuff are trying to “make it” in their industries. Find it on iTunes, iHeart, Stitcher and other popular platforms. Subscribe to never miss an episode!

Jun 1, 2017

Connecting with customers to build a great business, with the creator of the weekend pop-up market. In 2008, Sonja Rasula, risked her entire 401k savings to start UNIQUE LA, a popup marketplace that features over 300 independent artists and designers. Over the years she has worked with thousands of artisans and entrepreneurs, and she built an agency to work with brands to develop content and social strategy. Her ambitions have expanded to a conference for entrepreneurs and a co-working space in Downtown LA. I was curious if she had tips for brands and manufacturers based on her years of working with her vendors, and she shares great advice for connecting with customers to build your business. We talk about the future of retail and how to use social media and technology to build loyalty. She shares the story of starting UNIQUE LA when everyone thought she was crazy. And she also cracks the lid on two big new projects she has cooking that she hasn’t announced yet.

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