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The Art of Manufacturing podcast gives a behind-the-scenes look at how inspiring entrepreneurs who make stuff are trying to “make it” in their industries. Find it on iTunes, iHeart, Stitcher and other popular platforms. Subscribe to never miss an episode!

Aug 4, 2016

What if I told you there’s a company that has delivered millions of distinct products around the world? And it’s only seven years old? Welcome to world of mass customization! That company is Shoes of Prey, and Chief Creative Officer and co-founder Jodie Fox tells us what it means to deliver exactly what the customer wants, where they want it. Their model? “Our customers pay upfront for exactly what they want and pay up-front for that, and we make it.” Sounds like a dream, but it raises some interesting questions, like how this can be cost-effective; what tools customers need to design and visualize their custom merchandise; how to use big data to identify trends and understand the individual consumer better; and how to craft a user experience to minimize the risk of returns. What is the role of a Chief Creative Officer, anyway, when the customer is designing the products? We talk about their recent move from Sydney to Los Angeles in their quest to go global, and she gives us a sneak peek into the shoe trends of the upcoming year. She shares some futuristic predictions about how technology from 3D printing to blockchain and artificial intelligence might impact manufacturing. And she teaches Z how to walk in 4” heels! More here: